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How to use Memoji stickers on iPhone and iPad

When Apple first introduced Memoji, it was only available on devices that had Face ID. Animating Memoji still requires Face ID, but who needs to animate them when you can send emoji stickers instead? You can choose from a variety of skin tones, hair colors, and accessories (a list that …

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How to use emoji on your iPhone or iPad

Language is constantly evolving, and even though language purists may not like it, communicating with Emoji is becoming more and more common especially in social communication. Apple’s latest iOS has taken Emoji integration to new heights by offering you a ton of new ways to use Emoji. Show your 😁 …

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How to send emoji on the Apple Watch

Just as you can on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can send emoji to your contacts using your Apple Watch. You’ve got a choice between the standard set of emoji, as well as some Apple-exclusive animated characters that add some more fun to your messages. Take control of emoji …

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How to use Scribble to send an emoji on Apple Watch

Scribble, the handwriting feature on Apple Watch, lets you communicate with text instead of dictation or a canned response. All you have to do is write words with your finger on the Scribble screen and they will automagically turn into text that you can send to someone via email, iMessages, …

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How to submit an emoji request to the Unicode Consortium

For World Emoji Day (July 17) why not recommend that emoji you’ve always wished existed to the Unicode Consortium. Every request is reviewed, but many are rejected for a wide variety of reasons. There are some fairly strict guidelines that you must adhere to in order for your request to …

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